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Much is taught about the subject of stewardship but seldom is the purpose and nature of money explained. Stephen K. De Silva is changing the conversation about money. Money is a servant with the power to exaggerate the heart of its master. This power will manifest in both economic and spiritual ways, and this dualism has been ignored to our own peril. Until now.

Learn the whole story of wealth and riches, and how to master money using biblical truth. See how financial problems are rarely about money. Exit the bitter struggle between poverty and mammon by severing the source of every financial disease: the orphan spirit. Overcome generational cycles of loss and harm, and advance yourself for good. Become the steward God imagined you to be; become a PROSPEROUS SOUL!

Stephen began his career in 1985 as a certified public accountant, where he excelled in auditing, tax preparation, and peer review compliance services. In 1995, Stephen formed his own professional corporation serving non-profit, pastoral, and itinerant ministries and organizations. In the same year, he joined Bethel Church of Redding to serve as chief financial officer and member of their senior leadership team. 

After two decades of learning and growing, Stephen has transitioned to create and teach full-time on the subjects of money and the prosperous soul. With a unique blend of experience, humor, and creativity, Stephen offers the Body of Christ a fresh, Holy Spirit-inspired perspective with his biblically based financial insights. Stephen is based in Redding, California, with the wife of his youth, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the international healing and deliverance ministry Bethel Sozo International. 





In prayer, Stephen clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, teach My Church. In an instant, a dark room appeared with one circle of light in the center. Within the circle sat a canvas bag filled gold bullion and bars. Stephen asked what this picture meant, and God replied, it is the wealth of the wicked stored up for the righteous. Asking how it might be obtained, He replied the church must learn capacity before it can transfer. This began a journey to understand wealth and stewardship how God intended.


The first time the Prosperous Soul Foundations class appeared in a public setting. Stephen requested space at Bethel Church where he and four close friends gathered to share stewardship ideas. The only room available was a 2nd grade classroom at Bethel Christian School. There they sat, in undersized chairs and a table built for children, teaching the earliest versions among friends. Years later, Stephen remembers sitting with knees under chins, exploring uncharted territory. Thank you Dave, Karen, Bill, and Krystal for those patient hours spent encouraging what would become an international voice in the important field of Christian money and finance.


Stephen shared his thoughts for the first time to business leaders. The message was simple, explaining the tensions for believers in an aggressive and secular marketplace. Before the session, Stephen recalls his high anxiety where he lost sleep and peace. Moments before beginning, the Holy Spirit asked a simple question, can you be a gift? That simple request established a signature style of teaching, void of pressure and performance, from that time forth. Many people appreciate the transparency, honesty, and anointing of Stephen's teaching style, reflecting God's ongoing fingerprint in his ministry.


Stephen recorded his first video curriculum entitled Prosperous Soul Foundations, packaged with the manual of the same title, for use with small groups and churches. Favor for the product has spread across the US and abroad, changing the conversation about money. Great acclaim has been expressed as pastors and believers find an alternative to a wealth doctrine that is found to be biblical, simple, and revelatory for dealing with the heart of a person.


Stephen published his first book, Money and the Prosperous Soul. He explained how money is a spiritual power, and power always exaggerates what lives inside your heart. Well crafted stories demonstrate how finances are perpetually drawn into a cycle of poverty and mammon, unless the steward learns how to navigate through. The navigation is only done as a result of a prosperous soul. For the first time, believers could find biblical training on the exposure and removal of poverty spirits, mammon spirits, co-laboring with Christ, and more. Biblical stewardship had found a champion.


Stephen K. De Silva Ministries came of age when the itinerant efforts of Stephen were acknowledged as a global effort. Stephen and Dawna formed DeSilva Ministries, a California Religious Non-Profit Organization formed under IRC Section 501(c)(3), to operate activities. Invitations began to dramatically increase for both domestic and international travel. Stephen published his second manual entitled Financial Sozo and began training ministers and leaders across several continents.


Stephen transitioned from Bethel Church's CFO to devote efforts to writing, teaching, and coaching. Stephen published his third manual entitled Prosperous Home and assembled his first online curriculum designed for small group leaders and churches wanting a fresh and biblical approach to teaching finances. Currently, Stephen is completing a second book entitled Purpose Train, and hopes to continue publishing two or three manuscripts each year. Working titles include Biblical Tithing and Offering for the Millennial Believer; Prosperous Soul, Revisited; Prosperous Church; Prosperous Nation; and Wealth Creation for Followers of Christ. Stephen also is working on a prosperous soul daily devotional, leadership guides, Organizational Sozo, and two fictional works on identity and purpose. Thank your for your prayers and support as Stephen seeks to accomplish all God has asked and imagined. God bless your Prosperous Soul.




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Joshua is the Project Director for Stephen K. De Silva Ministries. After earning a Fine Arts Degree from Taylor University, he relocated to Redding, CA to attend the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. In 2012, he joined Stephen’s team to develop Stephen's brand and extend his message. He is in charge of all product development, helping with strategy, design, writing, research, and project management. Joshua loves seeing people and businesses operate at their fullest potential. When he is not working for Stephen K. De Silva Ministries, he is developing his own business, JARPottery, and enjoying life with his wife, Holly, and their new baby, Titus.