What Is Your American Dream? Part 5


At its core, the American dream is about perseverance, responsibility, and the ability to make yourself more than you are right now. You get to work with God to make your dreams come true.

We aren’t “entitled” to our dreams—we fight for them. We work hard and go after these things in cooperation with God in heaven, who loves us and is working alongside us as we do His will. In the process, He turns us into a sign and a wonder for other people to see.

As we consider what we’re working toward and why, here are a few excellent but simple strategies that will help us move forward.

Strategies in the Natural

1. We add to our assets. We find ways of increasing our net worth and building our financial altitude.

2. We subtract the debt in our lives. If we’re struggling beneath a massive debt load right now, we don’t have to look at our circumstances and feel despair. This is simply a situation that needs to be grasped and handled.

Don’t be afraid to open your eyes and take a good look at your situation. Examine your financial numbers, and go get help if you need it. Don’t be led by fear—but by vision, hope, and purpose.

3. We build multiple streams of income. What are some creative ways we could increase our income each month?

4. We examine our spending. Are there any areas where we’re spending and don’t need to? Surrounded by consumerism on all sides, we can change our ways and no longer tolerate an endless appetite for self-gratification, spending, and consumption in our lives.

Strategies in the Spiritual

1. We walk in faith, believing, praying, and hoping. As Prosperous Souls, we fully expect God’s help and wisdom.

2. We are diligent. We choose to persevere and work hard, focusing on why we’re doing what we’re doing and what we want the future to look like.

3. We improvise. Understanding that we aren’t victims but creative heirs with Christ, we get to be imaginative, flexible, and nimble as we chase after our dreams.

4. We remember the Sabbath. As a general rule, most of us are not good at Sabbath. The world is a wild place filled with toil, and Sabbath is our act of faith to rest in God’s presence and believe and trust in Him. As Abraham Joshua Heschel says, Sabbath is where we repair the tattered edges of our lives.

Going after the American dream doesn’t mean striving and toil. Those are the tools of the world, and we get to operate according to a different standard. Patterned rest is how we add “oil” to the engine of our lives, so we can run strong for a long time.

God’s Activities in Your Life

What are you asking God for?

Write your prayer requests on a piece of paper and set the paper in your Bible like a bookmark or on the dashboard of your car—in a place where you will see it and remember to keep lifting these requests to God.

As children and heirs of God, we don’t speak to the air when we pray. We have a God who cares. Watch Him answer the requests you are bringing before Him, and write down what happens. Don’t lose track of what He is doing in your life.

Keep your prayers and His answers before your eyes as you work out your American dream by faith as a Prosperous Soul.


Lauren Stinton