What Is The Answer To Poverty?


This year Dawna and I returned to Manaus, a city located in northern Brazil in the dead center of the Amazon jungle. The last time we were here, I felt like the Prosperous Soul conference went really well. It seemed like a powerful time and on this trip, two years later, I got to see the fruit of what happened.  

Three people from the first conference also attended this year’s conference, and one of the women had a crazy testimony. I would guess her to be in her midforties, and when I saw her two years ago, she weighed over three hundred pounds and was separated from her husband, with whom she had two or three children. She was broke and $15,000 in debt. For those of you who follow me regularly, her net worth was minus $10,000—meaning she had more debt than assets.

But this year, everything was different. She’s remarried, is debt free, and has gained about 10,000 feet of “altitude.” She went from around $15,000 in debt to $0 debt. She even looked different—she showed me her before and after photographs, and she’s lost somewhere around a hundred pounds.

“For a year, I didn’t spend anything,” she told me. “I just paid my debts.”

In this culture, it’s rare to find someone who has the hope of getting out of debt, so this woman’s story is amazing. The other two attendees of the first conference also gave me wonderful testimonies. I got to hear how Prosperous Soul is changing lives.

Do You Feel Like You Are Prospering?

I believe the answer to all poverty is a Prosperous Soul.

As a financial counselor, I’ve found that good information can’t overcome bad beliefs. Even if we lather ourselves with Scriptures and sound advice, lasting change won’t happen until we reach our belief systems. A switch must flip deep inside our hearts—in a place God alone can touch. We can transform old and incorrect beliefs about money by building better financial foundations through a partnership with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

I want the Prosperous Soul material to go global because I believe it is what every person needs. What would it look like to change the world with a concept based on the foundations Christ gave us?

One Simple Question

I didn’t grow up as a follower of Jesus. Just a kid having fun, I had two parents who loved me very much and helped give me a great life—but I was up to my ears in problems. That is the state of the world. Apart from God, there is literally no good thing.

The only good that comes to us here is the grace and interventions of God. Some of His actions are direct, but many are simply the result of living under the blessing of His favor. We get to prosper and be in good health, just as our souls prosper (3 John 1:2).

God loves every single person on this planet, and understanding that helps me to feel hope and affection for the world around me. I feel gratitude for what I do and for what others are doing—because all these things matter.

What Jesus did on the cross cannot be matched or even approached in any way, in all humanity. Our Savior paid an incredible price, and He did all the work for us. So what you and I are doing as Prosperous Souls is exploring one simple question: “What is it like to have a relationship with God?”

That’s a beautiful idea, isn’t it?

May God bless your Prosperous Soul.


 Want to Learn More?

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Lauren Stinton