Thankfulness in the Midst of Loss


How should a Prosperous Soul react in the face of loss?

This week I lost something valuable. My mother struggles with a terrible disease called dementia, and as I visited with her, my heart fell as I realized she didn’t remember me. I’ve lost recognition in her eyes.

Sadness, anger, sorrow, even bitterness—these emotions are almost a natural reaction when someone loses something.

But the other reaction is gratitude, and it is a supernatural response. Even though this situation is painful, I want to turn the emotion within me away from sadness, which is natural, to gratitude, which is supernatural. For years my mother gave her life away for me, and now I get to pour back into her. I am truly grateful to have continued time with her, and I want to focus on all I have to be thankful for, not on the loss itself.

Practicing a Supernatural Skill

A loss can cause two different reactions inside a person’s heart. Gratitude and sorrow are like two sides of the same coin. As Prosperous Souls, we can choose to resist the natural reaction of sorrow and potential bitterness and choose instead to be thankful, stirring up a sense of gratitude in our hearts.  

This isn’t about denial or refusing to be affected by what we’ve lost—it is about choosing to consider everything we have been given and looking at our lives through the eyes of gratitude.

In a season of loss, all of us need to learn and practice the supernatural skill of gratitude. We can’t allow the discouraging situations around us to create sorrow that becomes part of our identity. Instead, we can mine what is precious to us and provoke a sense of gratitude for what these things have given us, what they’ve taught us, and how they’ve built us up.

Gratitude and the Prosperous Soul

Here in the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. We are gathering with family and friends to give thanks, share memories and stories, and celebrate together.

No matter the country you are in or whether or not you celebrate this holiday, I want to extend the hope of thanksgiving to you. Because you are a Prosperous Soul, your heart is filled with gratitude and faithfulness. Everything that lies before you can be received as a privilege of stewardship—a way of living well between the miracles. When faced with pain and loss, we can embrace the natural response…or we can step out into the supernatural. Along the way, we may just find that we have so much more to be thankful for than what we realized.

God bless your Prosperous Soul.

Lauren Stinton