Seeking God's Wisdom for Your Business


A friend of mine has an incredible testimony about starting a business with his wife.

“I sat down and began to pray,” he told me. “My wife and I needed God to give us a business idea, so we thought and we prayed and we waited on the Lord.”

It didn’t happen overnight. They prayed and waited for several months, but then one day my friend sensed an idea from God drop into his head. As random as it sounds, he felt like God told him, “Pet towels.”

Today that couple has a laundry service that delivers a set of towels to families who wash their animals at home and don’t want to blend their personal towels with those of their pets. Business is booming; they have multiple trucks routing towels all over the southern end of their country, in several cities. Pet towels—it’s a genius idea.

How do genius ideas come to people like you and me? As my friend’s story reveals, they come through prayer.

Instead of sitting down and letting life happen to us, we get to step out and innovate as we co-labor with the Lord. We get to pray, “God, give me ideas! Teach me how to expand.”

Ideas from God won’t always be gigantic. Some of them might sound small or simple, but with whatever ideas He gives us, we need to be faithful and apply them. We can surround ourselves with a good team of people who will help direct us and “push” on what we’re building, making it stronger.

Stewards of God’s Secrets

As a Prosperous Soul, you have permission to think—to try new things as you hold God’s hand and listen to His voice.

There isn’t much language out there around thinking, but it is key and, because we’re the body of Christ, it is our portion. We can ask God for wisdom and then learn and grow.

Those two things—the request and the growth—go together hand in hand. In the Old Testament King Solomon demonstrated inquiry of the Lord. He didn’t know how to rule God’s people, so he asked God to give him an understanding heart, and God responded in an incredible way. The Bible says that Solomon’s wisdom “surpassed the wisdom of all the sons of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt” (1 Kings 4:30).

Many years later, Paul the apostle wrote that we are stewards or managers of God’s secrets (1 Cor. 4:1). Take a moment to consider what that looks like for you personally. What ideas has God put on your heart to steward? How can you begin to grow agile in your life, moving out of stasis and into new and dynamic possibilities?  

Live and Think Like a Hero 

A victim believes they are helpless and life is happening to them instead of the other way around. A villain is a victim who is determined to get back what was lost—and get even.

But you are not a victim or a villain—you’re a hero and you get to happen to life. My prayer for you and me is that we would learn to hear the ideas of God and apply what He has given us.  

If you need God’s wisdom today, pray the following prayer: 

Father, would You anoint me for good works in Christ that are generous, wise, gentle, life giving, resilient, and profitable? All things in Christ are possible with You, and so as a Prosperous Soul, I’m asking now that I would grow stronger and wiser. Please give me the ideas I need and help me expand. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.





Lauren Stinton