The Four Rules of Success for a Prosperous Soul: Part 2


A few weeks ago, I started a discussion on the four rules of success for a Prosperous Soul. God used these “steps” to bring me out of a period of deadness of heart and change my life.

Here is a brief recap of the first two rules:

Rule Number 1: If You Can’t Dream It, You Can’t Have It

This rule has to do with burnout, which occurs when we run our lives beyond the extent of our abilities until we come to a place of complete and utter exhaustion. We were not designed to live that way. When we are exhausted at that level, our capacity to dream begins to turn off and shut down.

The biblical solution for rule number 1 is to rest on a weekly basis. God calls it keeping the Sabbath. Even He rested after creating the planet. Rule number 1 of success is to recognize our engineering—that we were designed to rest.

If you’re burned out, the solution is to introduce rest. When you rest regularly, you are presenting yourself to the Lord like an offering—you are making a sacrifice of praise.

If you can’t dream, something must be broken. Introduce rest, and watch God wake up your creativity.

Rule Number 2: The Long Arm of Reality

Once we start resting and our capacity wakes up to imagine again, God drops creativity, inspiration, and revelation into our minds and hearts. That wakes us up, and we start having all these ideas. I should do Facebook Lives! I should write a book! I should create an ecourse!

The long arm of reality allows us to reach out, grab the huge idea we have for the future, and pull it back into today. The idea breaks up into little pieces called tasks, and that is what we steward every day. We begin to poke at those tasks, arrange them in order, and work with them.

Even if you inch forward only a little bit every day, you will still have a dramatic impact on your surroundings. Glaciers aren’t known for their speed, but they scour and shape the terrain. They move entire hillsides.

Rule Number 3: Timing

Timing is God’s job. Rules number 1 and 2 are our job; they are where stewardship happens, but rule number 3 is what God does. Timing rests with Him. He tells us when a door opens. He shows us favor and connects us to those unbelievable opportunities that change our lives and the lives of the people around us.

I believe amazing opportunities come up all the time, but because we’re unprepared—because we aren’t doing numbers 1 and 2—we don’t have the capacity even to recognize when an opportunity comes.

With God the question is never if but when. When is He going to help you? When is He going to deliver you? He is going to provide, identify, protect, and build you up, because He is a good Father and He’s watching over you. It’s just a matter of timing.

How All of This Works

When you start dreaming because of rest, you can employ the long arm of reality to reach out into that crazy future idea and drag it back into today, turning it into simple tasks you can steward. It’s easy. You can do this. Then as you faithfully steward your big idea, God will bring timing into your life.

Next time I’m going to talk about rule number 4: ensue. In the meanwhile, God bless your Prosperous Soul.

Lauren Stinton