When It Comes to Money, What Is “Enough”?


A few weeks ago, I was teaching a ministry class at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. I asked the students about the main hurdle they needed to get over so they could attend my Prosperous Soul class. In other words, what in their thinking needed to change so they could pursue becoming Prosperous Souls?

One student talked about a hurdle that is unfortunately common. This person felt they were not big enough, smart enough, or driven enough. When it came to making money, they could only just get by.

The idea of “enough” is a theme among Christians and non-Christians alike. We find we share a common language with many people: “How do I have enough? How do I get enough? How do I be enough? How do I do enough?”

If we hope to succeed with money, what can we do about these thoughts? How do we start to overcome them?

The key is to begin to posture ourselves as Prosperous Souls. The following steps will help us get there:

1. Breathe

The first step is pretty simple. Take a deep breath and give yourself a moment to think, grow, hear, and make a decision.

The world is frantic, and it will constantly try to drive you. Your list of things to do probably seems endless.

But just for a moment, pause and breathe.

2. Realize

Money is not real. It is an idea people have captured in some kind of item, which they then turn around and sell, and we all agree upon a price. We exchange money as a medium to work out our lives, so the most important thing is our lives, not money.

When we focus on money, we start to believe things that are false. We begin to think there isn’t enough money to go around and that if we want to succeed, someone else must be denied. But that is not true. There is plenty of money. You can have it; they can have it.

The belief that there isn’t enough money is an illusion.

3. Settle

Settling the question of “enough” is a heart issue. In many cases, the idea of falling short, of not having enough, is based upon a comparison between you and someone else. When you’re comparing yourself with someone who’s somehow ahead of you or carrying more financial capacity than you, it’s easy to start making judgments: “I’m inadequate. I don’t have enough. I’m not like this other person.”

The thought that you aren’t enough or your money isn’t enough comes out of who you think you are and how much you feel you’re worth. You can settle the question of “enough” by answering another question: “Who am I?” True success is an inside job.

To become a Prosperous Soul, you need to posture yourself as a Prosperous Soul.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this topic, check out my book called Money and the Prosperous Soul or my workbook Prosperous Soul Foundations. Click here for more information.

Lauren Stinton