How to Shift Atmospheres in Your Business and Finances


Understanding how to shift atmospheres is a key element of being an entrepreneur.

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like something was off? Perhaps the store just felt “dirty” to you. Or maybe you started to feel hopeless, angry, or vindictive. In moments like these, you are being challenged to pick up the spiritual broadcast being pushed into the environment.

If you own your business, what spiritual “vibe” are you sending out to your employees and customers? You can change the atmosphere of your business so it begins to reflect Jesus in a whole new way.

You Are the Culture Maker of Your Business

These are the three basic business models of the self-employed:

  1. Franchising
  2. Multi-level marketing
  3. Pioneering

Like most entrepreneurs, you probably fall into the pioneering category. You don’t have a ready-made atmosphere and structure being handed to you. Instead, you’re off blazing your own trail and forging your own path through the brush. This means you are consistently in a place of unfamiliarity.

As you get bigger and begin to hire staff, you—the business owner—become the culture maker of your company. If you think of yourself or your business in negative ways, or if you have internal conflicts with success or identity, these things will create dynamics that work against the success of your business. You can find yourself projecting a negative atmosphere or tuning in to the negative atmospheres around you—static filling the airwaves.

How do you recognize what’s going on and shift the atmosphere in your small business?

Building a Healthy Kingdom Business

As an entrepreneur, you can build a healthy kingdom business that isn’t trapped under a negative atmosphere pushing it toward failure or poverty. The following steps will help you begin to shift the atmosphere in your business.

1. Identify Bad Mindsets or Lies

First, break down the lies you believe about yourself or your business. If you’re unsure what these lies could be, these three questions will help you discern your thought patterns:

  • What negative things did you learn about yourself or money from your parents?
  • What negative things have you learned about yourself or money from your experiences?
  • What negative things have you learned from social media, advisors, and people posing as help but they had wrong motives?

As you go over those questions, you’ll realize you may believe some things that are destructive. To give you an example, I learned from my parents never to talk about money. Many people in my age group worry about money or hide their problems with money.

When you find a lie, do a Financial Sozo: pull out the lie, give it to God, and ask Him to burn it up. Then ask Him what He says is true and plant that truth in your heart like a seed. Bless it and watch it grow. (Click here for more information about Financial Sozo.)

2. Break Convergence

A system that is poorly built strengthens or amplifies flawed thinking. Said another way, where a broken system converges with a negative mindset, synergy is created, which can intensify dangerous atmospheres in your business.

If you find yourself in this situation—trapped in a wild storm created by negative mindsets and broken systems—what you need to do is change your mental channel. You can do this easily and practically through training. Consider hiring an executive coach, or find a mentor who will speak truth to you.

Be accountable and transparent with a safe, mature individual. Don’t hide. Get in there and engineer yourself and your business away from destructive synergies.

3. Build Better Mindsets and Systems

Finally, begin to build godly mindsets and systems. You started this process in step 1, where you asked God about the truth and began to replace any lies you believed with the truth He gave you. You are in the process of exchanging old mindsets for better ones.

You also need to change out broken systems for good systems. This occurs as you implement what you have learned from your trainers, coaches, and mentors.

As you do these things, your life will change, and your business will increasingly reveal the freedom of a Prosperous Soul.


For more information on this topic, check out Dawna De Silva’s teaching “Shifting Atmospheres.”

Lauren Stinton