Be a Money Hero


When it comes to money, many people work from one of two mindsets: that of a victim or that of a villain.

A victim mindset says, “I am helpless and things are happening to me!” A villain, meanwhile, is simply a powerful victim. This mindset says, “I am going to get back what I have lost—and I’m going to get even.”

The victim and the villain are two sides of the same coin, which is the orphan spirit. When we’re dealing with an orphan spirit, we self-identify as abandoned and fatherless. We don’t feel like we belong, and God the Father seems far away.

But when you are a Prosperous Soul, the economic environment in which you live doesn’t have to rule you. You don’t have to choose between being a victim and being a villain. Instead, you get to navigate between the two to a third option: the hero.

That is what you are called to be—a hero with your money.

The Frog in the Pot

According to the Federal Reserve Board, an economy is healthiest when it has a low-grade “infection.” That is, when prices are climbing but very slowly.

It’s like the classic story of the frog in the pot. If you drop the frog into boiling water, it will quickly hop out. But if you put it into tepid water and slowly increase the temperature, the frog will stay in the pot and not realize it is being cooked. That is a somewhat uncomfortable illustration, but concerning inflation, it is fairly accurate. Today your dollar won’t buy quite as much as it did earlier, which is one reason debt can be dangerous. Not only are you dealing with interest rates, but your dollar is just a tiny bit “smaller” than it was when you first started.

Unlike some financial teachers I respect, I am not absolutely against debt. Debt is not sin—but it is bondage. When you choose to step into debt, you are essentially pledging to serve your lender. The Bible is clear that it’s better to be the head, not the tail. Or in this context, it’s better to be the lender, not the borrower. How many of us can testify to that truth?

Do you feel like a hero when it comes to your money? What can you do to start living that way?

Learn to Be Content

A few months ago, I did an online video series on home finances. If you’ve been watching or reading my material for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about LGS, which stands for living, giving, and saving. Basically, LGS is how we spend our money. Every dollar we receive is funneled through one of those three options. We spend it, we give it, or we save it.

A rising inflation rate—a low-grade “infection” in an economy—puts pressure on the widest part of the LGS funnel, which is our living. Every time interest rates go up, if our income doesn’t also grow, more and more resources are sucked up into the living category, and less money is available for giving and saving. Inflation steels our seed for the future—unless we can increase our income. (Click here to watch one of my Prosperous Home videos on Facebook.)

You can see how easy it is to stumble headfirst into a financial situation you don’t want to be in! Regardless of your circumstances, you don’t have to cower as the victim or rage as the villain. As a Prosperous Soul, you can find intensive, intentional ways of controlling your spending and moving away from the constant appetite that is consumerism.

Learning to be content with what we have is wise and biblical, and it helps us stand firm in times of financial upheaval the way God intended—as heroes.


This concept of victim, villain, and hero is nested deeply into my Prosperous Soul content. Click here to learn more, and choose the material you’re interested in from the dropdown menu. If you want to dive in deep, consider joining the Prosperous Soul Master Course, which will open in June 2018.

Lauren Stinton