Generational Curses and Your Business


Last year in New York City, I held a Prosperous Soul event for people who weren’t broke.

Ranging in age from 20-something to 50-something, attendees were wealthy and working on their business models. They believed God was helping them and causing growth in their lives.

Interestingly, one of the main questions they asked had to do with generational curses. What are generational curses? And can they affect your business?

The Power of Words

Biblically speaking, blessings and curses are opposites. In the Old Testament, blessings meant benediction or prosperity, while curses meant to vilify, give contempt, or disapprove of something. We can see this idea in Genesis 27:12 and Deuteronomy 11:26 when we dig down into the Hebrew.

In the New Testament, Matthew 5:44 reveals the tension between blessing and cursing: “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” In the days of Jesus, blessing meant to bless or praise, acknowledge, and support, while cursing meant to execrate—to declare evil over something or doom it.

Blessing and cursing are the heart of a person expressed. Our words are powerful. When we speak, we can have contempt for something or we can choose to prosper it, speaking blessing instead.

What are you speaking over yourself? What are you speaking over your business?

Covered by Christ

Without Christ, we are open to generational cycles of hardship, disaster, and struggle that go beyond typical economic realties. Personally, I think generational curses are real, but they cannot penetrate or overcome the blood of Jesus. The sacrifice on the cross was just too powerful. Jesus became our curse and said, “It is finished.” He accomplished on the cross something that may take us untold centuries in eternity to understand.

When we cross the “line” of Jesus’ blood and step into Christianity, He washes us and the past is suddenly gone. We are completely covered by His blood and no longer have to deal with generational curses.

However, despite the incredible freedom we have in Jesus, it is possible for us to reach across the line of His blood and pull darkness into our lives. We can fall into patterns, ideas, cycles, and ways of thinking that just aren’t biblical or profitable—things that aren’t wise.

When it comes to your life and business, be sure you are thinking wisely. That is, in a godly way. Many of us need to adjust our thinking, so we can start walking according to the true freedom we have in Christ.

(I discuss this topic further in Prosperous Soul Volume Two.)

Freedom from Curses

If you feel like you’re under a generational curse, remember the promises of God. Pull them over you like a blanket and hide under His goodness. Use it as your covering and consider the following steps:

  • Go to God and ask Him to help you break every negative generational pattern or habit in your life, so those patterns and habits will never return and no longer have an effect on your life and business.
  • Because of the blood of Christ and the authority we have in Him, we can send away any kind of demonic influence that associates with a bad word or declaration of evil against us. When the enemy is harassing us, we can cast those things away (Matt. 10:8).
  • Curses without cause cannot alight (Pr. 26:2). People can say whatever they want to, and sometimes their words are mean and unruly. But as we live in Jesus, their negative words cannot find purchase in our lives. They wash off of us like water on a duck’s back. Choose to live in Jesus in all things.
  • Pray about these things in complete faith, believing your prayers are effective.

May God bless your Prosperous Soul.


Lauren Stinton