Sabbath: Today’s Best-Kept Business Secret


A few years ago, I found myself in a desperate situation.

On the outside, nothing seemed amiss. Efficient and effective, I was making great headway in my career and professional development. I was succeeding at several of the important things in life: my family was growing and thriving, and financially I was climbing.

But on the inside, I was emotionally dried out and creatively empty. It was very quiet inside of me. Perhaps you know exactly what I’m talking about—you can feel the emptiness and you sense something is wrong.

One night, I had a dream where the Lord explained to me how important it was to rest. He challenged me with three words: “Keep My Sabbath.”

With those words, He began to change the way I did business.

Life More Abundant

Back in those days, I obviously didn’t understand what “Sabbath” meant. I had been working seven-day weeks for years, and I reached a place where I was desperate for help. I’d even begun seeking medical help as I looked for ways I could keep pushing on.

In the midst of my toil-filled lifestyle, something bothered me. Jesus said that in Him we would have life more abundant (John 10:10), but I knew that wasn’t my experience. Where was my more abundant life? Something wasn’t connecting for me.

The answer for my heart and my business was found in the three words God spoke to me: “Keep My Sabbath.”

The Timelessness of Heaven

Sabbath is an ancient Jewish idea that means to cease or stop. The Hebrew people knew the world was filled with toil and striving and that business followed suit. We are busy as humans—and embedded in the Law of Moses is this idea of rest.

Just as God Himself rested, we, too, need to rest. By ceasing to strive for one day a week, we get to practice the timelessness of heaven on earth. We see an echo of this idea when Jesus said, “Let it be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Sometimes it takes more faith to do nothing than something. To be transparent, when I chose to obey the Lord and began to practice keeping a day of rest, it was difficult for me. In fact, it required faith for me to take a day away from my seven-day work week, which had been in place for six or seven years at that point. Keeping a Sabbath began as a ferocious internal battle, but I kept practicing and something happened.

After a short amount of time, I discovered my heart again. I began to come back to life—began to dream and imagine and hope. Life came rushing back into me as my heart reawakened.

I realized that by not keeping the Sabbath, I had been violating part of my fundamental engineering. God designed humanity to need rest because, among its other benefits, resting enables us to recreate.

What This Means for You

As a businessperson, don’t overlook the importance of keeping a Sabbath rest in your life. To recreate and reengineer—rest. It was good enough for God when He made the planet, and it’s good for us today as we “make” our planet again in His image.

May you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers. That is my prayer for you—in your personal life, in your home, and in your business.

Lauren Stinton