5 Signs of a Master of Money


Money. We cannot get away from it. We can try to hide from it, but the reality of it is, it always catches up to us. It is a foundational part of society. God in his sovereignty uses money to shape His people. It is not evil. In 1 Timothy, Paul teaches that “the love of money is the root of all evil”, not money itself. Money is a tool in the hands of one who wields it and it will always return to its rightful owner. Money is looking for a Master. How can you be sure if you are a Master of Money? Here are 5 characteristics of a Master of Money:

  1. Hope

    A Master of Money is filled with hope. She is not driven by fear or lack. She is confident that abundant life is her portion. She understands that God’s economy is not driven by scarcity but by infinite good and as a son or daughter, she gets to partake in it.

  2. Empowered

    A Master of Money is empowered to create the vision that God gives him. He is not passive, but is equipped with skills, tools, and confidence to take a hold of opportunity and partner with God to see his purpose and dreams happen.

  3. Peace

    A Master of Money is marked by peace. She is not driven by fear, stress or anxiety. She does not let circumstances dictate her peace or lack of peace. She is confident that God works all things for good.

  4. Wisdom

    A Master of Money has gained wisdom. He knows how to discern wise and foolish choices. He is not driven by fads or get-rich-quick schemes, but knows how to partner with God, plan well and recognize opportunities as they come.

  5. Liberty

    A Master of Money does not settle for freedom. She learns to walk in liberty and steward the freedom she has. Freedom without learning liberty will always lead you back to bondage. Freedom with liberty in lockstep will lead to a life of accomplishment and adventure with God.


Does This Describe You?

Does this list describe how you handle money? Were you surprised by this list? Were you expecting to see something like this: Saver, Debt-Free, Investment-Savvy, Balances Asset Allocation Well, etc.?

Too often we approach the subject of money from a skills based perspective instead of realizing the belief system that drives it. If you do not develop correct beliefs, you will always circle back to where you start. 3 John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I pray that you would prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” This means that as your soul (your heart, mind, and will) prospers, you will prosper.

Need a new mindset? Try this class

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“This curriculum has challenged me to face my fear and anxiety of money. For a long time I’ve felt I had a secret desire to become wealthy and philanthropic. But I never thought I had to steward my heart to receive it. Or even if my money patterns were sabotaging my efforts. Through this course, I got breakthrough in my thinking, which led to a change in my actions and behaviors. And now I’m on my way to building wealth. I am no longer afraid of money. The power of money no longer rules me from the inside, but I get to use it as a tool to change the world and improve my lifestyle. I have finally invited God into this part of my life and I’m freer. Stephen’s videos, wisdom and manuals helped me in my journey to get the freedom I knew was available. THANK YOU!!”

The secrets of the Prosperous Soul work. They change the experience with money from one of retreat to one that is on the offense. Money will become your servant as you serve Jesus Christ. In the Prosperous Soul Masterclass, you will have complete access to these secrets and learn how to apply them to your life. Click below to learn more.


Joshua Read