Getting Rid of Money Lies


My wife and I just returned from Idaho where we taught on the subject of Prosperous Home. We talked about how to stabilize your home, master your money in a home environment, and break free of financial lies.

As part of the ministry time, we did a group Financial Sozo and instructed people to write down the lies they believed about money.

One of the lies that came up was “money is evil.” After the session, the woman who had written this lie explained how she had learned it from her father, who had made quite a bit of money in his life but was absolutely miserable. One day when she was a little girl, he told her how he wished he’d never gotten rich.

That information landed in her heart, and she began to associate misery with money. As a result, it became a real struggle for her to ask God for help with her finances—because why would she ask Him for help and receive something that was “evil”?

This woman was delighted to realize money is irrelevant—it is a servant designed to serve. We have to deal with the heart lies we hold deep down inside us. She was able to discover where the lie was, how it lived inside her, and—more important—how to remove it and replace it with the gospel of peace.

According to the Bible, money itself is not the root of many evils; the issue is the love of money (1 Tim. 6:10).

Dealing With the Lies

I often do Financial Sozos on these trips, and I ask people to take a risk and write down the lies they believe. As I’m teaching, praying, and leading the class through biblical truth, I instruct them, “When you realize a lie, write it down on a yellow sticky note.”

They write down all the lies they find, one after the other.

Later I ask them to go through the lies and identify biblical truth. According to Scripture, what is actually true? We end up discovering some crazy things people think about money and how these beliefs don’t align with the truth of the gospel of peace.

As they write down God’s truth, a parallel is built—with the lies on little sticky notes and the truth recorded permanently in their Prosperous Home manuals.

Finally, I direct the group to collect the sticky notes with all the lies and destroy them. They can tear them up, twist them, fold them, bite them, spit on them—whatever they need to do—and then come to the front and throw the lies away in a garbage can.  

Declaring the Truth Instead

As they throw the lies away, I direct them to put their hands over their hearts or on their heads and declare, “I forsake these lies in Jesus’ name. I am a Prosperous Soul.”

If you find yourself dealing with lies about money, it might be helpful for you to go to God and do this little exercise as well. As you partner with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, you can build better financial foundations and correct old beliefs about money.


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Lauren Stinton