The Million-Dollar Vision Question


What would you do with a million dollars?

When I ask that question in my Prosperous Soul class, I supply each member of the group with a very special item: a million-dollar bill with my face on it. People laugh at first, but as they start considering the question, things tend to get a little more serious.

  • “I would pay off my debts.”

  • “I would support a movement.”

  • “I would build a college fund for my children.”

  • “I’d buy a house.”

  • “I’d pay my taxes.”

  • “I’d invest some money.”

  • “I’d give money away.”

A million dollars sounds like a lot of money in the beginning, but once we really start spending it, we realize something important—a million bucks doesn’t last very long.

[To watch Stephen’s online teaching about vision, click here.] 

I use the million-dollar question to help people recognize they might be out of focus when it comes to having a vision for their lives.

Many of us love to talk about vision—what we want to do, what we want our money to do, what we want to achieve with the help of our money—but rarely do we have the clarity we need to see our dreams become reality. It’s like we’re gripping a bunch of “soggy” ideas that aren’t clearly defined.

Vision answers the “What?” question. When you turn on your dreams, your imagination, and all your hopes, what do you want to see in your lifetime? What does the future look like? 

Questions to Help You Build Your Vision

The following questions can help you start to sketch out what God has put on your heart: 

  1. What do you see yourself doing in the future? When you’re helping people, are you doing things in groups? Or are you doing things one on one?

  2. When you see yourself in the future, are you in a local or international setting? Where do you see yourself doing whatever it is your vision might become?

  3. Do you see yourself leading something or supporting someone else’s lead?

  4. Do you see what you do as an income stream for you or as a free giveaway? Something you sow into your community of clients, members, followers, etc.

  5. Do you see what you’re doing as a service or product? Are you selling an item, or are you selling a service like consultation or coaching?

  6. What is the age group you see yourself working with?

  7. Do you see yourself working alone or with a team?

  8. Do you see yourself as a giver of financial strength or as a receiver of financial strength, like a missionary in the field? One of my favorite recipients of financial support is a woman named Tracy, who lives in Mozambique and works with orphans. When she’s in the field, she’s at her best. Do you see yourself as a Tracy or as someone who is sending support to people like her?

These are not, of course, every question you will need to answer along the way, but they can help you define your vision, so you have more than just loose ideas.

The Law Written on Your Heart

All of us are designed to serve something greater than ourselves. For the Christian, that something is God Himself. We learn who we are (identity), why we’re here (purpose), and what we see (vision) because of God and our relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Identity, purpose, and vision affect our financial behaviors and decisions. Those three elements form the “law” of our hearts—what God has done to us, through us, and for us. Vision is essentially the law of our hearts articulated (Prov. 29:18). 

Once we get to the place where we can express our identity, purpose, and vision well, something happens. Our decisions become clearly outlined in our strategies and tactics, which I will talk about in my next article.


To watch Stephen’s online teaching about vision, click here.

Lauren Stinton