Marriage and Money Tip #3: Don’t Lose Hope


When your marriage is caught in a ferocious storm, it can be hard to maintain hope for change, to believe that one day things will be better.

But storms always pass. There is no such thing as a “forever storm.”

Every storm you encounter will eventually end, and when it does, you will be stronger and wiser than when it began. 

I don’t mean to deny the pain you’re feeling, nor am I trying to erase the fact that storms are difficult. But the truth is that you are bigger and better than this storm. It is possible to work through whatever crazy situation you’re in, and you and your spouse can emerge strong on the other side and start to build again. 

Hopelessness: Not Your Story

In my book Money and the Prosperous Soul, I wrote, “It is incongruent for us to have hope in the core of our being and then to become hopeless in a particular area.”

We are people of faith who believe in Jesus and trust the Bible, which means hope breathes at the very core of who we are. But sometimes we can find ourselves with a “cut” in our hope in a particular area—like money—and the ferocity of the storm is causing our hope to trickle away.

If you’re in this situation, recognize that hopelessness is not your normal. It is not your story or your ultimate end.

What is your story? Take a look, and read this verse as many times as you need to:

For when God made the promise to Abraham, since He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, saying, “I will surely bless you and I will surely multiply you.” (Heb. 6:13–14)

God is for you. You may feel hopeless right now; you may be exhausted by the storm of financial problems you’re facing.

But God is not tired, and you can conquer this with His help.

The Most Precious Things

When faced with violent seas, the captain of a cargo vessel has an important decision to make. The lives of the crew are more important than the cargo. Some sacrifices are worth it—if it means the captain can spare what is truly important.

It may be time for you to make a similar decision. If you need to throw something overboard to get through this storm, by all means do so. The key is to preserve what is most precious in this situation: yourself and your marriage.

For wisdom in this matter, turn to Scripture. The Bible is a terrific source of truth, and when we’re fighting for our lives, we need truths that can weather storms. Truths that are eternal.

Financial Sozo

If you look at your circumstances and feel hopeless, that is evidence of a lie in your belief system. The best financial skills in the world cannot overcome a flawed belief system, so what you need is truth—the lie needs to be removed.

You may want to schedule a Financial Sozo with me. A Financial Sozo is a simple way to find and hear God’s answer for money-related beliefs that are not rooted in truth. We will address those beliefs and replace them with truth during the Financial Sozo.

Then from a place of freedom, you get to apply financial skills to your life that will lift you through the storm and into a great future.


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Lauren Stinton