The Prospering Home: Part 2


When we protect what God has given us, we make ourselves available to His increase.

Protection propels us above the glass ceiling. It doesn’t mean we’re entitled to greater blessings from God, but when we’re faithful with “small” things, we can be assigned additional responsibility.

Every time God promotes us, we have a new level to steward—or, in our terminology here, protect.

Protecting your home finances boils down to three main ideas: time capsules, insurance, and health. Let’s look at each one in turn. 

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What Are Time Capsules?

Many years ago I asked God, “What should I invest in? How should I build my wealth?”

The first word I heard was protect, hence today’s article. 

When I asked, “How do I protect?” God gave me the idea of a time capsule: an investment that has the power to protect its relative value across time. I’d never considered this kind of investment—until it occurred to me that metals and land fall into this category.

Precious metals are interesting in that their purchasing power has been relatively stable through empires—across huge spans of time. An ounce of gold has approximately the same amount of purchasing power today as it did back in Roman times.

I’m not telling you to go invest in precious metals, nor am I making any recommendations. I just want to point out that certain investments serve as a time capsule against the inflationary forces in our economy. Some assets hold their value better than others, and one of the longest, most stable assets is gold.

Go ask your investment advisor about this idea—and if you don’t have an investment advisor, find one! These licensed professionals can give you input on how to diversify to protect yourself against the erosion of time.

Insurance vs. Faith

I was surprised when I felt like God gave me the word insurance.

Insurance? How did insurance reconcile with my walk of faith? What about divine protection? God is my protector and defender—I treasure His position in my life and hold to it very deeply.

But I felt like God was saying, “You’re in deep water now.”

On the open sea, sailors bring life preservers—ways to protect themselves if they run into a storm. Packing a life preserver doesn’t mean you have negative expectations for the future or are prophesying hard times. It just means that if a storm hits, you are prepared.

I can insure against many things that may or may not happen, but the one absolutely certain factor is that eventually I will perish and leave family members behind. I can build an inheritance for my children by increasing my assets, and I can also buy my children an inheritance with an inexpensive life insurance policy.

[There are four major categories of insurance: life, property, liability, and social. To hear more of Stephen’s thoughts on this topic, click here to watch his Facebook Live.]

An insurance agent is a great ally at your round table of coaches who advise you about money and how you can manage your way through the jungle of the world’s dynamics. Listen to their advice, and see how God is leading you.

Then whatever decision you make, do it in faith.

Maintaining Your Health

I’ll be honest—I hate to exercise.

But I’ve realized I’m getting to a place in my life where strength must be maintained. Picking up a sixty-pound bag of sand, carrying it around the yard, and working in my garden all require strength.

One stabilizing or protecting factor in the financial arena is the ability to stay in the game. Health can be divided into three parts:

  1. Body: exercise, diet, community, proper sleep, etc.

  2. Soul: your mind, will, and emotions

  3. Spirit: prayer, fellowship, Bible study, and service

The Role of Marriage in Protection

Here’s one last thought (for the moment) about building a Prosperous Home.

One common characteristic among wealth creators is that they stay married. People who divorce transfer or lose any gains they made while they were together—the fruit of their hands, all the hard work they put in.

If your marriage is struggling due to financial problems, don’t give up! A key step in protecting your home finances is remaining married. To the best of your ability, try to work through any issues between you and your spouse, and go get the help you need.

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This is part 2 in a series on prospering your home. To read Stephen’s first article in this series, click here.

Lauren Stinton