The Prospering Home: How to Multiply Your Financial Strength


Do you feel hopeful where your money is concerned? Or does it seem like your home finances are running wild and there’s nothing you can do?

If you’ve tried to prosper in your home, but it feels like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back, there’s a solution.

You need a force multiplier—a way to increase the strength of what you’re doing as you try to advance in your prospering home.

What Is a Force Multiplier?

A force multiplier is a device that reduces the amount of force necessary to move an object. The simplest force multiplier is a lever. I could try to lift a thousand pounds by myself, or I could use some kind of tool that makes it possible for me to lift a thousand pounds easily.

In this context, the heavy object we’re trying to move is our financial success in the home. Whatever you are hoping to succeed in—getting out of debt, building retirement or savings, leaving an inheritance for your kids—a force multiplier will increase your natural strength and enable you to move forward much more easily.

16 Ways to Change Your Home Finances

My force multiplier is a tool I call a 4x4. Like a truck with four-wheel drive, this tool is designed to help you get over the obstacles set in your path. It’s a system of thinking that allows you to approach your financial goals from multiple angles at the same time.

Picture a square drawn on a piece of paper. Four simple lines, four corners. Each point of that square represents one of the four areas where we’re applying our force multiplier:

  • Assets: what we own

  • Debt: what we owe

  • Income: the inflowing stream from our economic motors

  • Spending: the outgo or “leak” in our financial bucket (how we live, give, and save)

Here’s how the 4x4 tool works.

We look at each of these four areas—assets, debt, income, spending—and write down four ideas under each heading of how we could increase or decrease the money flow in that area. This will give us sixteen very specific, tactical ideas on how to better our homes.

Here are a few examples of what this could look like for a person’s home. Keep in mind these are just suggestions and hardly a comprehensive list. What’s good for one home won’t necessarily be ideal for another.

Ideas for Increasing Your Assets

  1. Save $25 (or another amount) every week in your savings account.

  2. Start an IRA and put away money for retirement.

  3. Start a blog or write a book. Begin collecting and marketing your intellectual property.

  4. Wash your car! That is, take care of and maintain an asset you already have.

Ideas for Decreasing Your Debt

  1. Calculate a debt grinder (a plan to crush your debt). 

  2. Boost your principal payment on at least one of your credit card balances. 

  3. Run a free credit report and see how you’re doing.

  4. Use cash instead of credit when you make a purchase. It is statistically proven a person will pay 40 percent more for whatever they purchase if they can use a card instead of having to cough up hard-earned cash. Using cash is a simple way to start controlling your spending.

Ideas for Increasing Your Income

  1. Work extra hours if you’re an hourly worker. 

  2. Sell something online.

  3. Get a refund.

  4. Add a new passive income stream. This can be as simple as opening up a savings account that earns interest.

Ideas for Decreasing Your Spending

  1. Use coupons whenever possible.

  2. Cancel one subscription. 

  3. Say “no” to a purchase you don’t really need.

  4. Empty your clothing basket. When I rummage through my sock drawer and can’t find what I want, I tend to say, “I need more socks!” But that isn’t actually true. I have a basketful of socks that don’t have partners, and I could easily sit down and sort them. Inventory what you have, and avoid spending money on something already in your possession.

How This All Works

It’s okay for the ideas you jot down to be rough in the beginning, and it’s also okay for them to be very simple.

What are some ways you could lower your spending? What are some ways you could increase your assets? Brainstorm. Search online. Chat about different ideas with your friends and family. This kind of research is some of the hard work you and I put in as supernatural stewards of our Prosperous Homes.

Execute everything on your list. Revise what needs to be revised, and then execute your list a second time. Travel around the “square” again and again. When all four corners are working, this force multiplier will add power to your financial efforts in ways you’ve never seen.

A Parting Blessing

As you faithfully tackle your finances, may you see God increase your efforts and prosper you to such an extent that the unbelievers around you marvel and become jealous to know how good God is. May an evangelism of jealousy come upon you, so you can do good works in Christ and reveal the incredible hope of the gospel.


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Lauren Stinton