How to Keep Your Heart Alive When You Feel Bored


Several years ago my boys decided to go four wheeling up in the mountains. It took them a little while to figure things out, but finally they jumped on the four-wheeler and off they went. Out the bedroom window of the house where we were staying, I could see their dust cloud as they drove off into the hills.

Just as that cloud of dust was starting to settle, the phone rang. It was Pastor Craig, who owned the four-wheeler.

“The boys just left,” I told him.

“The gas tank’s empty,” he said.

Life is not routine, is it?

When my boys rode away with a tank on reserve, I thought, Yep. Routine for them has just ended. They’re on an adventure. I wonder what the future holds for my boys.

Then I went back to typing on my computer, because I knew eventually they would find their way home.

Our Need for the Unexpected and Wild

We experience two opposing forces in life:

  1. Routine (what we expect)

  2. Adventure (what we do not expect)

Between them we need to find a balance. We can’t throw out routine because a life of pure adventure spins out of control, and we can’t throw out adventure because if we can’t dream, we begin to die on the inside.

The Bible describes our need to dream this way: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov. 29:18 KJV).

If we don’t allow ourselves to dream, life becomes routine monotony and our hearts slowly start shutting down, because there’s no opportunity for adventure—for something unexpected and out of the ordinary that has the ability to change everything for the better.

The Problem With Monotony

When we feel trapped in monotony, we often start “aiming” our lives at really weird things.

Some of us get wrapped up in extreme sports, or we begin visiting places on the internet that aren’t good for us. Some of us start smoking, injecting, inhaling, or drinking—because we’re trying to find things that make us feel alive.

At the very least, we’re trying to numb the throbbing pain deep inside where we’ve realized, “I AM SO BORED. I feel dead, and I want to feel ALIVE!”

Even as followers of Jesus, if our lifestyle isn’t open to the adventures He wants to bring us, we start to lose our hearts. Life becomes a grind—day in, day out, everything expected—and we find ourselves being tempted to do things we know are dangerous or wrong.

You and I were created for routine and adventure. Our quest to bring heaven to earth is a supernatural and miraculous lifestyle. That’s what we want—the power of God in our lives. The things He can do that no one can do.

The Miraculous as a Lifestyle

What is the answer to a heart trapped in monotony?

Even just a tiny flicker of light dispels darkness. Darkness doesn’t fight against God’s light—it runs. There’s no contest here. The darkness has to go.

When we turn around and face this God of ours, our hearts start to wake up and we open ourselves to what He wants to do in our lives.

If you feel the chains of monotony beginning to tighten around you, start to look at your life in a new way. You’ll probably discover the same thing I did: “I don’t want to fill in the corners of my life so completely that all I have is routine.”

The men and women who changed history were the ones who tapped into the realm of the unknown. They conceived and created and dared to step outside the borders of “what everyone else was doing.”

Instead of following the path of the discovered and seen, they purposefully opened themselves up to what hadn’t been done and discovered yet. They set up their lives in such a way that great and amazing things could happen to them—things the world had never seen until these people came along.

Give yourself the time and space to explore and imagine and hunt for the unexpected.

You might want to restrict routine in your life to a certain number of hours a week, and use the rest of the time to dream. Expose yourself to the miraculous as a lifestyle, and watch what God begins to do.


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