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Where the theoretical meets the practical

Across America and the world, excessive spending and debt is out of control. Instead of moving from a place of purpose, we passively hope things will work out financially or some break will come to give us the freedom we need. Yet, we continually find ourselves in the same situation treading water, trying not to drown instead of soaring into our destiny. The keys to living a healthy financial life with purpose are found in having a Prosperous Home. 


Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

1 Corinthians 4:1


Prosperous Home is where the theoretical meets the practical. In this ministry and curriculum, Stephen takes you through the practical tools to develop your home into a Prosperous Home.  Throughout this curriculum, Stephen masterfully weaves the practical financial tools through an understanding of what a biblical view on money is seeking to elevate your thinking into what true financial freedom is. To view Stephen’s products and messages related to a Prosperous Home, click here.


Looking at our personal finances can be scary and overwhelming. It can often help to go through a class or seminar with Stephen to begin this journey. If you want more personal direction, you can sign up for a Personal Finance Coaching session. During this coaching session, Stephen will help you define your priorities, address hidden mindsets that have kept you from following a plan, and work with your actual numbers to help you find a plan that brings balance and prosperity back to your home.  Don’t let the fear of finances hold you back. Sign Up today for a Personal Finance Coaching Session and take your and your family’s lives back!


Spending more than your income is like a ship taking on water.