Prosperous Soul: Poverty and Mammon, Vol. 2 (PDF)

Prosperous Soul: Poverty and Mammon, Vol. 2 (PDF)


Welcome to the Updated and Expanded Prosperous Soul Foundations Course.

This course puts real financial solutions into your hands. Learn how to understand money from a biblical perspective, and win the war over riches and wealth. This course is practical but in a different sort of way. Where other courses rely on rules and formulas, Stephen simply makes your life better. Learn secrets that unlock your heart and open your eyes. Watch as destructive patterns fall away and momentum begins.

In this second volume, we will be examining the practical and spiritual mechanisms of money, along with biblically based tools, prayers, and prophetic exercises designed for identifying and overcoming poverty, greed, and orphan thinking.

Continue your journey on becoming a PROSPEROUS SOUL!

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